Customworks Release Notes

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CustomWorks version Release Notes

Download Files Issues fixed in this release:

  • CW-1236: Stability improvements
  • CW-1238: Setting for sending sheets that do not contain a drawing view to printer
  • CW-1237: Set project attributes on print session
  • CW-1234: Dxf sheet name can be defined in print settings
  • CW-1226: Export file naming improvements
  • CW-1223: Dxf sheet can be excluded in export file outputs
  • CW-1221: Combine pdf output files as one pdf file
  • CW-1213: Fixed issue with custom port configuration in network licenses
  • CW-1209: New macro folder feature: run easily macros in a folder from customworks task pane tool bar
  • CW-1207: Network license borrow time extended to maximum 180 days
  • CW-1191: Printer is removable in print settings