Release date: 18.11.2022

Installer for CustomWorks 6

Setup CustomWorks 6.exe

Start installer and follow instructions.
Msi installer for CustomWorks

Setup CustomWorks 6.msi

Use this installer if you want to use automatic deployment in Windows domain.

Release Notes

Implement mode visibility setting to allow hiding modes depending on active document type
  • Modes can now be defined to be visible for specific document types only.
Execute command after export
  • You can now execute an external command after exporting an item table.
Implement Classification Rules as Profile Sections
  • Classification rules can now be seen in the profile tree as separate sections. For clarity, variables, validations and default values are in subfolders, too.
Implement Variable Type as profile section
  • Variable type is now shown as a profile section in the Profile Tree of the Profile Editor. The reason for this change is technical and and allows us to keep better track on cross-references between the profile sections.
Using two separators in file naming does not leave one out if middle value is empty
Internal lists add semicolons to values
  • In previous versions of CustomWorks editing an internal list in the profile may cause semicolons to be added to the column values. This bug is now fixed.
Table expand does not open all nodes
  • Fixed bug in expanding rows in the item table view.
Dimension link text " " resets when profile is saved
Implement possiblity to write dimension link always as configuration specific
Activity types disappear and reappear randomly in Activities menu
  • Profile section intended to be hidden no longer show up when rebuilding the profile.
Implement sorting section alphabetically (e.g. variables)
  • Profile sections such as variables can now be sorted alphabetically in the Profile Editor. The command can be found in the context menu of the Prorile Tree.
Implement sorting of sub section alphabetically
  • Profile sections can now be sorted alphabetically using Sort command in the context menu.
Implement Dimension Link Types as profile sections
  • Dimension link types can now be seen and edited in the Profile Tree in the Profile Editor.
Implement Variable Target Type as profile section
  • Variable Targets can now be seen and edited in the Profile Tree in the Profile Editor.
Existing variable target variable selection resets when editing list variable type
  • Variable target sections no longer reset when variable type is changed.
Implement possibility to include sheet name in file name only when more than one sheet is printed
  • When exporting drawings, you can now define filename so that sheet name is included in the file name only if more than one sheet is exported.
Expression variable builder should include variable group in variable name list
  • The expression builder in Expression variable shows now variable group names for clarity.
Implement default target directory setting for copy/print profiles
  • Default target directory can now be specified in the Copy and Export Profiles.
Saving profile trims whitespace from dimension link separator
Implement writing version number to profile editor
  • CustomWorks version number is now saved inside the profile file when the profile is saved. This is to verify that you cannot use a profile with older version of CustomWorks.
Implement error message for opening newer version profile
  • An error message is now shown if you try to use a profile which has been saved by using a newer version of CustomWorks.
Implement widgets in table view
  • You can now use drop-down lists, check-boxes etc. for filling in variable values in the table view as specified by variable settings.
Add an option to show mode when there are no documents active in SW
Add an option to set table columns as readonly in column definition
  • Table columns can now be defined to be read-only.
Empty dxf sheet message should be info instead of warning
Sheets are not read when drawing is the active document
Close export and copy mode when changing documents
  • Active Copy and Export modes are closed if user changes the active document in SolidWorks.
OnApply activity does not implement CW5 type error message
  • OnApply activity now has return value "NotificationMessage" which can be set to show a message to user.
Change cw5 to cw6 converted file to always change file name so that overriding current profile is not possible
  • To prevent overriding your old CustomWorks 5 profiles, you now have to save your profile with a new filename when converting your profile to CustomWorks 6 format.
Table summary view in profile editor is not working
  • Bug was fixed in the summary of Table Views.
Implement target folder recent folders
  • Recently used target folders can be seen in a drop-down list in Copy and Export modes.
Right click on a combobox should allow editing of the list
  • Lists based on text files can now be edited from Properties Mode user interface by right-clicking on a drop-down list and selecting Edit. Notepad will be opened and the list updates dynamically when the text file is saved in Notepad. The editor for text files can be changed from CustomWorks Settings.