Release date: 12.09.2023

Installer for CustomWorks 6

Setup CustomWorks 6.exe

Start installer and follow instructions.
Msi installer for CustomWorks

Setup CustomWorks 6.msi

Use this installer if you want to use automatic deployment in Windows domain.

Release Notes

Improve setup packages
  • AutomateWorks setup now requires installed CustomWorks to be on same produc version, and vice versa.
CW6 BOM does not work in specific profile
Add support for body cut-list-items created using sheet metal feature
Implement possibility to use excel templates as part of excel export
  • You can now include top-level document variables and preview images in Excel export. Refer to help for details.
When task pane is not pinned dimension linking returns to home mode
Cut list order fails in offline context
Default values do not work for cut-list-items
Exclude from BOM not working in table mode
Hide latest toast notification after delay
ForEachItem activity callback order has changed since previous version
Cut list order does not match model cut list order
Project attributes crash export mode
NullReferenceException when reading active document after copy mode open document function
Add more export settings
  • Two settings added to export: - Include master row - No structure Refer to help for details.
Save document thumbnail using activity
Cannot create two rows from a model classification