Release date: 14.06.2022

Release Notes

  • PROD-2738 Export mode output target message is invalid when output has directory name defined
  • PROD-2739 Show target directory button should not be shown or fixed when general target directory is not present
  • PROD-2742 When there are no outputs in export mode there should be no warnings
  • PROD-2754 Export mode does not start if active profile has been deleted
  • PROD-2759 Implement Original File Path in directory names
  • PROD-2760 Enable checking library components setting has duplicate checkbox in copy profile editor
  • PROD-2761 Update documentation for directory names
Installer for CustomWorks 6

Setup CustomWorks 6.exe

Start installer and follow instructions.
Msi installer for CustomWorks

Setup CustomWorks 6.msi

Use this installer if you want to use automatic deployment in Windows domain.