All Customworks 6 versions

Release notes
  • PROD-2738 Export mode output target message is invalid when output has directory name defined
  • PROD-2739 Show target directory button should not be shown or fixed when general target directory is not present
  • PROD-2742 When there are no outputs in export mode there should be no warnings
  • PROD-2754 Export mode does not start if active profile has been deleted
  • PROD-2759 Implement Original File Path in directory names
  • PROD-2760 Enable checking library components setting has duplicate checkbox in copy profile editor
  • PROD-2761 Update documentation for directory names
Release notes
  • PROD-2693 Single part external references should not be copied
  • PROD-2692 Implement classification or rule for Virtual Parts
  • PROD-2677 Add an option to hide header for group boxes
  • PROD-2691 Disable copying virtual parts in Copy mode
  • PROD-2673 Add include sheet filter for PDF/DXF output
  • PROD-2663 Implement project variables
  • PROD-2649 Exception when editing a drawing
  • PROD-2638 Change lists to be ascending by default
  • PROD-2634 Print mode does not update table view when model changes
  • PROD-2632 Synchoronizing materials cannot be canceled
  • PROD-2627 Implement custom columns in print mode
  • PROD-2624 Exception when selecting activity
  • PROD-2611 Cw5 conversion creates wrong default list separator
  • PROD-2602 Implement Level item property in table export
  • PROD-2597 Copying library components is not possible due to disabled checkboxes
  • PROD-2595 Deleting profile section could show linked sections and prompt to delete those also
  • PROD-2594 Suppressed sections should be shown in profile tree to allow easy unsuppress
  • PROD-2578 Edit profile should notify if profile is already open in profile editor and ask if to use that editor instead
  • PROD-2577 There should be possibility to use other columns from disctinct search (subgroup to fill maingroup)
  • PROD-2571 Implement parent variable value possibility in classification rules
  • PROD-2570 Implement All Configurations Custom Property Target type
  • PROD-2508 Add not toggle for classication classification rule
  • PROD-2487 Cache path settings does not change the result file path from appdata to fixed cache path
  • PROD-2362 Profile backups when editing profiles in profile editor
Release notes
  • PROD-2600 Implement reading parent value in table columns
  • PROD-2562 Implement flat pattern DXF output in export mode
  • PROD-2596 CustomWorks 5 dimension links do not work
  • PROD-2599 User Interface visual style updated
Release notes
  • PROD-2133 New table mode control
    • New table mode control
  • PROD-2134 File and drawing rename during SaveAs operation is done using separate CustomWorks Save As command
    • File and drawing rename during SaveAs operation is done using separate CustomWorks Save As command