All Automateworks 6 versions

Release notes
  • PROD-2950 Pack and go command option IncludeSuppressed has no effect
  • PROD-2881 Add support for SOLIDWORKS 2023
Release notes
  • PROD-2827 Aw worker show messagebox error when connection to aws server fails
    • Running AutomateWorks Worker no longer stops showing error message if AutomateWorks Server returns invalid data.
  • PROD-2843 Activate running worker instance instead of alerting user
    • Starting AutomateWorks Worker or clicking or the desktop icon now activates the running instance of the worker instead of showing an information message about running worker.
Release notes
  • PROD-2675 Attribute command with '=' in value is not parsed correctly
  • PROD-2599 User Interface visual style updated
Release notes
  • PROD-2510 Fixed bug in PdmAddFiles command